Brighton Hall

Brighton Hall is our indoor venue for your intimate social occasion or for your dance location.  The beautiful wooden walls and chandeliers create a unique venue.  The stable fronts reveal the history of horses once housed within.  Today the cooper stills used for the distillation of Essential Oils & Hydrosols have replaced the horses behind the stall fronts and add to the beauty of the Hall.  Brighton Hall seats up to 84 people for a seated wedding or event.  For more guests choose a reception style event with cocktail tables.  A counter for a DJ beside the Hall and an additional area for food service on a 12′ long counter with sink complete this option.  The 14′ high double doors can remain open to Pemberley Park and Lavender Fields during those days of beautiful weather.

Smaller Indoor Ceremony & Dance Hall
Hall – 864 square feet with additional space for DJ and Catering setup area
Bridesroom – 200 square feet
Ceremony Seating – 84 people
Reception style – 100 people with cocktail tables
DJ Counter – In opening beside the dance floor with Copper Stills behind for  a unique view
Food service area  – 12′ long counter with hand wash sink, Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer
14′ high double doors  – can be open for view of Pemberley Park and Lavender Fields
Wooden walls, stable fronts & cooper stills add to the beauty of the Hall