Amenities and Pricing

May, August and October have dates available.  June, July & September are filling up fast!

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Venue Season:  May – October
  • Outdoor:  500+ people
  • Tented:  500+ people
  • Indoor:  <100 people

Wedding Venue Pricing – 2018

Prime – August, September & October

  • $3100 ~ under 149 guests
  • $3250 ~ 150-199 guests
  • $3400 ~ 200-249 guests
  • $3550 ~ 250-299 guests
  • $3700 ~ 300-349 guests
  • $3850 ~ 350-399 guests
  • $4050 ~ 400-499 guests

 Premium  May, June, July

  • $3600 ~ under 149 guests
  • $3750 ~ 150-199 guests
  • $3900 ~ 200-249 guests
  • $4050 ~ 250-299 guests
  • $4200 ~ 300-349 guests
  • $4350 ~ 350-399 guests
  • $4500 ~ 400-499 guests

Wedding Venue Pricing – 2019

Prime – August, September & October

  • $3200 ~ under 149 guests
  • $3350 ~ 150-199 guests
  • $3500 ~ 200-249 guests
  • $3650 ~ 250-299 guests
  • $3800 ~ 300-349 guests
  • $3950 ~ 350-399 guests
  • $4150 ~ 400-499 guests

 Premium – May, June, July

  • $3700 ~ under 149 guests
  • $3850 ~ 150-199 guests
  • $4000 ~ 200-249 guests
  • $4150 ~ 250-299 guests
  • $4300 ~ 300-349 guests
  • $4450 ~ 350-399 guests
  • $4600 ~ 400-499 guests

Wedding  Hours included:

  • Twelve hours on wedding day
  • Two hour time frame for rehearsal & decorating on the day prior to the wedding

Pricing includes a $750 non-refundable reservation fee to secure your date.  The reservation fee will be applied to your total balance.  Payment plans are available with final payment to be paid in full two months (60 days) prior to your event.  Note:  Heartwood Forest ceremony site requires $1000 fee for added set up labor, parking attendants, tent & toilet rentals .

Expansive view:  Our views and grounds are spectacular, expansive & serene.  Four or our Five ceremony options include this view.

Day of Wedding Coordinator:   Included.  Event Coordinator will oversee your set up and take down of event chairs, tables and linens

Venue Options:  

Pemberley Park – Outdoor site closest to Brighton Hall and largest area for both weddings and reception with the most spectacular view of Wildrose Prairie and Mt. Spokane.

Larger outdoor venue
Seats 500+ guests easily
Contains our two larger white event tents with lighting
Contains 24’x48′ outdoor dance floor with lighting
Located between Brighton Hall and one of our Lavender fields                                                                                                                                                    Spectacular, expansive view of Wildrose Prairie and Mt. Spokane.

Lady Catherine Place – Outdoor site closest to parking

Outdoor venue
Seating –  up to 500 comfortably
Location –  in a Lavender field just after entering the property
Incredible view is why you would choose this site!

Heartwood Forest – Outdoor site located in the forest with the most outstanding view of Wildrose Prairie, Selkirk Mountain range and Mt. Spokane while surround by forest trees.

Larger outdoor venue
Seats 500+ guests easily
Seating options include our Green Molded Chairs
-or- Bride can provide seating such as rented chairs, straw bales or benches.
Located in the forest above the reception site, lavender fields and barn.

Note:  For this location add $1000 fee for added set up labor, parking attendants, tent & toilet rentals .

Willow Glen  – Smaller Outdoor Ceremony Site

Hall – 864 square feet with additional space for DJ and Catering setup area
Seating –  up to 100 easily
Location –  Lower part of front Lavender field next to the Willow Tree.
Expansive view yet cozy site next to Willow Tree and Lavender while still close to barn!

Brighton Hall – Smaller Indoor Ceremony & Dance Hall

Hall – 864 square feet with additional space for DJ and Catering setup area
Bridesroom – 200 square feet
Ceremony – up to 100 people
Reception style is also an option – 100 people with cocktail tables
Distillery View – Copper Stills through our “window” opening for a unique view
Food service area  – 12′ long counter with hand wash sink, Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer
14′ high double doors  – can be open for view of Pemberley Park and Lavender Fields
Wooden walls, stable fronts & cooper stills add to the beauty of the Hall

Please inform us of any further details for your Special Day!  Our goal is be make this day the most special day and remain within your budget.

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Additional Important Details

Our venue can accommodate all weather conditions during our wedding season!

Reception Event Tents included with venue:  Two 24′ x 48′ Event Tents for Reception (weather Back-up)

Tables, Chairs & Linens included with venue:
  • 4 Farm Style Tables for head table layout
  • 20 Round – 5′ Tables
  • 4 10′ Picnic Tables
  • 200 White Padded Resin Folding Chairs
  • 200 Green Molded Plastic Chairs
  • Banquet Tables
  • Cake Table
  • Guest Book Table
  • Gift Table
  • Table Linens and Napkins – both White and Off-White options (clean fee only)

Additional Tents included if you choose them:  Wedding Tent, Lounge Tent, DJ Tent  (SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR PHOTOS)

Service Items Included:
  • Large Ice Chest for Waters/Sodas
  • Two, Three & Five Gallon Beverage Dispensers for Iced Tea/Lemonade/Punch etc.
  • Large Coffee Urn
  • Hot Water Urn
  • Punch Bowls and Ladles
  • Beer, Wine and Champagne Toast – hard liquor not allowed.
  • Event Liquor License Required – $10 with WA State (website stated in contract).
  • Bar Tender Required – $15 hour for our preferred Bar Tender.
  • In consideration of neighbors we ask that you shut off all amplified sound by 10:00 pm and have all personal items and people off premise by 11:00 pm
Bridal suite:
  • Chandeliers, wedding lace linoleum and dusty purple velvet carpet with floral couch and overstuffed chair.
  • A 1950’s mirrored vanity is not only set aside for the bride but a perfect photo setting.
  • Bridesmaids have separate make-up and hair counter
  • 1950’s style mini-refrigerator for cooled bottle water and snacks.
Grooms “Boys Bungalow”:
  • Bungalow and outdoor seating for privacy and space with Ping Pong table
  • View from up the hill so bride & groom have can prepare separately
  • 1950’s style mini-refrigerator for cooled bottle water and snacks.

Outdoor “Lounge Area” & portable Bon-Fire Pit included if you would like.

  • Complimentary onsite: Parking for guests located at the entrance to the property.
  • Parking for the Bride and Groom are close to “Brides Room” and hidden from view.
  • Vehicles needing to drop off and collect your guestbook, gifts and supplies are able to unload close to venue site.
  • Pre-ceremony loading/unloading for handicap guests can be arranged.
Your photographer will have many creative options to capture your special moments.
Photography opportunities abound on our 40-acre property including:
  • 23 acres of forest
  • Multiple Lavender Fields
  • Magnificent red & white barn
  • Wheatfield style backdrop overlooking Wildrose Prairie with Mt. Spokane in the background
  • Splendid summer skies and sunsets
  • Our focal point willow tree ceremony site in the midst of a lavender field.
  • Use a caterer of your choice. We can arrange for a caterer if you don’t have one selected.
  • We DO NOT allow Self-catering for the betterment of all involved
  • Caterer tables available with black floor length linens included
Add-On items for an extra special day…
Simplify your planning with our add-on options!
Please meet with Wedding Coordinator for pricing.

Beverage Service:   
Non-alcohol specialty drinks:  Infused waters, Infused Sparkling waters, Lavender Lemonade, Lavender Iced Tea and other fruit based drinks.
Wedding Accessories: Flower Basket, Ring Pillow, Garter Set, Guest Book, Pen Set, Toasting Glasses, Chair Banners, Sand Ceremony sets and much more!
Lavender Wedding Florals:   Lavender buds for farewell toss.
Bridal Party Gifts & Wedding Favors for your Guests of all kinds.
Lavender Gifts with custom label on our Lavender farm bath & body products such as:  Soaps, Candles, and Lotions etc.  Imagine your photo, name and/or wedding date printed on the label of your guest gifts.
Antique Glass Dessert Plate & Punch Cup Set Rentals:  Lovely clear glassware from the 1950’s.  Serve your cake & punch with elegance.
Preferred Vendors:  Our Coordinators can arrange for our preferred vendors for you with no additional fee beyond their normal costs directly arranged by the bride and groom.
DJ, Photographer, Videographer, Photo Booth, Caterer, Wedding Cake, Soft Serve Ice Cream (Lavender flavored, Huckleberry, Vanilla or Chocolate), Pop Corn Machine, Snow Cone Machine, Horse Drawn Carriage to begin your romantic walk down the aisle!
Wedding Cakes & Desserts:  Our signature Lavender-Honey-Vanilla Wedding Cake options are unique and delicious.  Each layer can incorporate a different flavor but the Lavender cake will be the one talked about long after the celebrations are over.
Wedding Tent: 24' x 48'

Event Tent: 24′ x 48′

Lounge Tent (no sides) - 29' x 21'

Lounge Tent (no sides) – 29′ x 21′

Lounge Tent (with sides) - 29' x 21

Lounge Tent (with sides) – 29′ x 21′



Events, meetings and workshops can be held either indoors in the Brighton Hall, outdoors in one or more of our five (5) tents or in the open air.

Types of Events – Corporate Meetings, Workshops, Farm Tours, Distillation Demonstrations, Wedding Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, Photo Shoots, Artist Luncheons & Painting afternoons, Yoga Classes, Social Occasions or others that you have a need for.

Each option is priced according to the required amenities and time frame.  We offer usage options for two, four, six, eight & ten hours. We would be happy to meet with you to work through your personal details.  Click below to make an appointment:

   Contact for Events and Social Occasions



Classes are offered at Lavender Manor under the parent company, Evening Light Lavender. Click below for more info:

   Contact for Classes